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Welcome to the (old) UiL-OTS Research Facilities Website

This site is dedicated to the research facilities at the Utrecht institute of Linguistics - OTS. Our laboratory facilities are available to all UiL-OTS researchers including (under)graduate students and visiting affiliate researchers. We also welcome LOT affiliated graduate students, and researchers from other institutes (primarily LOT institutes) to use our labs for their experimental research.

To see what research facilities are provided select Facilities in the side menu panel. This gives detailed information about each and every facility. From the menu you can also access the facility reservation system, the participant recruiting system, a list of howto's for experimentors and various other information.

Latest News

AM  10-October-2013: Non-availability lab support staff

Alex will be away from 10/20/13 through 10/25/13, but will be present on 10/11/13 and 10/18/13.

MvdK  30-September-2013: New website

We are working on a new website for the UiL-OTS labs. You can have a sneak peek here. Let us know (by e-mail or comment) if you find something missing!

AM  10-September-2013: Non-availability lab support staff

Alex will be away on 9/12/13, but will be present on 9/12/13.

MvdK  28-August-2013: LimeSurvey support

Given increasing interest in LimeSurvey, a web-based tool to create your own surveys, we have started (but are far from finished) creating a small guide to LimeSurvey, focusing on applications for linguists. You can find it here for the moment. If you have any questions, remarks, or just want an account for LimeSurvey, you can contact Martijn.

IM  13-August-2013: Non-availability lab support staff

Iris will be away August 21-24.

IM  06-August-2013: Introduction mayhem August 12-15

The Utrecht Introduction week will be on August 12-15. This event usually means LOUD music and impenetrable masses of students at our doorstep on Janskerkhof and Drift. Lab support may be forced to seek refuge from the noise elsewhere; furthermore, be aware that it may be difficult for your participants to reach the building during this time, and that the noise may interfere with your experiment (should be OK in a sound-proof booth though).
The two weeks after this first introduction week will also feature student introductions at Janskerkhof and Drift, and those will be noisy and busy as well, but usually less so.

MvdK  05-August-2013: Non-availability lab support staff

As Alex is on holiday from August 5-30, and Martijn is unavailable due to family circumstances at August 6, you are kindly requested to (as always) mail any problems with the laboratory facilities to DG_GW_labman(at)uu(dot)nl. We'll try to answer your request as soon as possible. Thanks!

MvdK  17-July-2013: Local support moved to 0.09

Today (17 July 2013), local support has moved from 0.01 to 0.09. That's only a small walk from the original location, right next to the bike shed. We'll be happy to welcome you at our new place! :-) We'll be updating the website of course, but until that's finished, please be so kind to read '0.01' as '0.09' in the mean time. Thank you!

IM  6-July-2013: Non-availability lab support staff

Alex Manus will be on holiday August 5-30.
Sjef Pieters will be on holiday July 1-August 5.
Ao Chen will be away June 14-August 1.
Iris Mulders will be on holiday from July 12-August 5. If you need to recruit participants (not particularly recommended in July), please let her know a.s.a.p.

MvdK  21-June-2013: New PC's also in K.04!

The PC's in K.04 have also been replaced. Please refer to the below message for details.
Any questions or issues? Contact the staff in 0.01 (0.09 as of 17 July 2013). Thanks!

MvdK  19-June-2013: New and shiny PC's!

The PC's in K.06 have been replaced with newer, faster and shinier ones. From 20 June 2013 onwards the lab will be available for use.

The Windows client has been upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit edition. You should find the research related software you are used to still installed. There will no longer be shortcuts on the desktop. Please use the menu Start to find your applications.

The Ubuntu client is the same as before, and should be familiar to previous lab users.

Last but not least, since all computers are the same, there should be no reason to prefer one PC over the others.

If you have any questions or discover any issues please report them to the local support staff in 0.01 (0.09 as of 17 July 2013).

Thanks and enjoy,
Lab support.

IM  5-June-2013: Non-availability lab support staff

Alex Manus will be away Thursday June 20-June 26.
Ao Chen will be away June 14-August 1.

IM  27-May-2013: Non-availability lab support staff

Alex Manus will be away Thursday May 30.
Ao Chen will be away 25th May-1st June, and June 14-August 1.

IM  23-Apr-2013: Non-availability lab support staff

Martijn van der Klis will be away April 24-May 14.
Alex Manus will be away Wednesday May 1.
Ao Chen will be away 29th April, 8th May, 13th May, and 25th May-1st June.

IM  9-Apr-2013: Non-availability lab support staff

Iris Mulders will be away April 11-22.
Alex Manus will be away Monday April 15.
Martijn van der Klis will be away April 24-May 13.

IM  6-Apr-2013: More new lab support staff

We're very happy to announce two more additions to the lab support team as of April 1:
Martijn van der Klis, programmer, will be making a bunch of infrastructural improvements in the lab in the realm of participant recruitment and bureacracy, websites and web-based experimenting. Martijn will also be helping out with programming experiments and some technical support.
Mattis van den Bergh, methodologist, will provide methodological and statistical advice.
See this page for office hours and contact details.

IM  6-Mar-2013: Availability lab support staff

Ao Chen will be away March 15-19.
Iris Mulders will be away March 20-25, and April 11-22. If you need to use the UiL OTS adult-participant database during these times, please let her know beforehand.

IM  6-Mar-2013: New lab support staff

We're very happy to announce two additions to the lab support team:
Our new lab technician/programmer is Alex Manus. You can find Alex in room 0.01 (0.09 as of 17 July 2013) on the ground floor, or catch him running around in the labs.
Alex will be replacing Theo, who will be leaving us April 1st.
Also new in the lab support team though not new to the labs: Ao Chen (room 0.09 (K.01 as of 17 July 2013)) will be temporarily helping us out, mostly with babylab-related matters.

TV  8-Oct-2012: Upgraded Linux Graphics System in Phonetics Lab and Eye-tracking Lab

Since the Linux update of May 15 we still encounter the same problems as mentioned in the May 5 message although much less frequently. For the phonetics lab and eye-tracking lab I have updated the graphics system again. Please inform me of any unexpected system behaviour.

IM  27-June-2012; updated July 4: Lab support staff holidays

Lab support staff will be away on holiday at:

TV  15-May-2012: Linux Systems Upgraded

All Linux systems in the lab have been upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04. Please let us know if you run into any problems with the new setup. I apologize for the inconveniences and the loss of data you may have experienced.

TV  5-May-2012: Unstability Linux Systems Phonetics Lab

We still have a major problem in the phonetics lab with the Linux systems. The graphics system appears to crash from time to time, causing a forced log out. The patches I applied didn't do the trick. To stop wasting time I will upgrade the systems to the latest available release of the operating system.

IM  23-Apr-2012: Absence Theo

Theo will be away for the next two weeks due to family circumstances. If you experience urgent technical problems in the lab, contact Sjef at DG_GW_Labman@uu.nl.

TV  5-Apr-2012: Heavy Network Delays

Lately we are experiencing serious network problems. Trafic from and to the server on which the Linux systems depend is very slow. We advice you to stop experimenting (under Linux) until the problems have been fixed.
Update: after moving to a different file server, network delays have improved, but the network is still not completely reliable.

TV  26-Mar-2012: Babylab PC replaced

The computer in the Babylab (K.11) has been replaced. Boot up is now much faster. The new computer also handles the video recording. The second PC that was until now dedicated to video recording has no purpose anymore and will be removed in a few weeks. For more information see babylab forum messages main PC replaced and how to create video recordings.

TV  19-Mar-2012: Flex-lab ready for use

The Flex-lab (K.03) has been set up and is ready for first use.

TV  12-Mar-2012: EEG-lab ready for use

The EEG-lab (K.13) is ready for use. Some test sessions have been done.

TV  24-Nov-2011: Lab closed first week of January 2012

During the first week of January 2012 we are closed for maintenance. Only the babylab remains open. The other labs, the practice room and the open access desks cannot be used during that period.

Some operations may be finished in a half a day, others will take longer. We'll announce it here when a facility can be used again.

Current Activities

Old Messages

TV  28-Jun-2011: Lab closed during UIT

The introduction days for first-year students are going to be extra noisy this year, so the labs will be closed during this time (August 15-18).

TV  10-Jun-2011: Vacations lab support
TV  4-Feb-2011: Keys to the JK13 labs, briefing room and conference room

As of this date the keys to the research labs (basement K.03, K.06, K.10, K.11, K.12, K.13) and the keys to the briefing/meeting room (basement K.05) and conference room (ground floor 0.06) can be borrowed from the janitor's office at JK15A room 0.02, between 8.30h and 17h.

Staff, student assistents and students of the Linguistics master can still borrow lab keys from the key safe in the basement of JK13.

TV  11-Jan-2010: Introducing Sjef Pieters

Some of you will have noticed it there is a new tech guy in K.01 (0.09 as of 17 July 2013). His name is Sjef Pieters and he is a Windows system administrator. Sjef will subtitute Warmolt who is recovering from his operation. Sjef will also look at how the uil-ots lab computer systems administration is organized. He will produce an advise on how to set things to improve the situation where too much time goes to client system administration where it should go to research support.

Don't hesitate to ask Sjef if you have any questions concerning the the Windows systems in the labs or the labs themselves.

TV  6-Dec-2010: Lab PCs fixed, Linux reinstalled, Windows updated

The defective lab PCs in the practicum room have been fixed. Also on all systems (except for babylab) we have upgraded the Linux OS to Ubuntu 10.04 and several fixes to the Windows installation have been applied. Please keep informing us of any problems with the systems you run into.

Some lab users still think it is acceptable to pull out the power plugs and/or network plugs because they need to plugin their laptop. This is not allowed and we won't tolerate it.

IM  21-Oct-2010: Construction work

There will be construction work happening in the labs in K.13, K.11 and K.03. The builders will probably start somewhere in the week of October 25, and the building activities will probably take about three four weeks. Noise is to be expected. We will update with more specifics as we get them.
UPDATE Oct 26: The workers will start Wednesday Oct. 27 Monday Nov. 1 at the earliest.
UPDATE Oct 26: In the same three-week time period, noisy construction work will be done on the walls of the canal surrounding the building.
UPDATE Oct 28: The builders will start working on K.11/K.13 on Monday, Nov. 1. UPDATE Nov 3: The builders will be working until November 30. Contact lab management for a more detailed planning if you need it.

TV  20-Sep-2010: UiL-OTS Labsite Moved To New Server

You may have noticed the lab website (http://www.let.uu.nl/uilots/lab/) was very sluggish recently. The website has now been moved to a new server. The new address is http://www.hum.uu.nl/uilots/lab/. If you had turned on automatic login for the old webpage, you'll have to login again (with the 'remember' box checked).

IM  5-July-2010: Lab support staff holidays - updated

Lab support staff will be away on holiday at:

TV  11-Jun-2010: PC Phon1 Replaced

The PC at cabin 1 has been replaced by PC work6. This is a temporary measure. This means in the practicum room work6 will not be available for some time. Also work3 is under repair.

TV  18-Mar-2010: PC Phon4 OK Now?

Phon4 and phon1 are still giving trouble. We have thoroughly checked phon4 but found no malfunctioning hardware or software. Please report if the problems persist. It's uncertain what causes phon1 to refuse to boot at first attempt. For now if phon1 doesn't want to boot (white screen) just press reset the button.

TV  8-Feb-2010: New Button Boxes Installed

New button boxes have been installed in phonetics lab and eye-tracking lab. The new boxes have two buttons, but we also have boxes with 3, 4 or 5 buttons. Please do not sticker the boxes. Use the pre-printed paper covers that will be made available in the labs and downloadable as pdf from the resources section. See the forum for more information.

TV  4-Feb-2010: Phonetics Lab PCs Unstable?

The systems in the phonetics lab seem to be a bit unstable lately. We're planning an upgrade of the Linux OS. Please report any problems you run into using these systems.

IM  30-Nov-2009: New PUN available

The Psycholinguistic Utrecht Newsletter no. 2 is out!

IM  30-Nov-2009: Psycholinguistic publications overview

This site now hosts an overview of psycholinguistic publications by the psycholinguists of this institute. Please send your additions to Iris Mulders!

TV  28-Aug-2009: PCs in Phonetics Lab Replaced

The four systems in the phonetics lab have been replaced by new ones. Please report any problems you run into with the new systems. The open access workstations will be replaced by new systems next week (week 36).

TV  26-May-2009: Button Boxes in Practicum Room

Four workstations (work7..work10) are now equipped with (two-button) button boxes. In the next months we will replace all button boxes in the lab by new ones. Please do not write on or sticker the button boxes. From now on I will take away button boxes that have stickers or writing on them. I'll keep them in my office until someone comes to clean them again.

TV  6-Feb-2009: Psycholinguistics at Utrecht Newsletter

Until a more suitable place is found on the UiL-OTS website the Psycholinguistics Utrecht Newsletter (PUN) can be downloaded from this page (lower right box). Editors Sharon, Elise and Annemarie wish you fun with the PUN!

TV  6-Feb-2009: CGN Available On Lab PCs

The Corpus Gesproken Nederlands now is accessible from all lab PCs under both Windows and Linux.

TV  5-Jan-2009: Upgrade Finished

The two babylab PC's have been upgraded too. Please report all problems or weirdness you run into.

TV  23-Dec-2008: Upgrade Finished (almost)

All lab computers except those in the babylab have been upgraded. They now run Ubuntu 8.4 Linux. Please report all problems or weirdness you run into.

TV  17-Dec-2008: Upgrading Linux On Lab Computers

Attention! On Friday the 19th of December I will start upgrading the Linux operating system on most lab PCs. Until I'm finished none of the lab computers should be used. The machines can't all be upgraded simultaneously and the specials have to be checked afterwards, so it may take two or three days. During the upgrade you are not allowed to use the following systems:

Not affected are:

Scheduled for a later date:

If you do use the systems before I'm finished your linux account will get garbled and you will loose data.

TV  27-Nov-2008: Baby It's Cold Inside

Users of the phonetics lab (K.10) will have noticed it is cold in the lab. At this moment it's 12°C. It will probably get much colder than last winter because the building's hot air system is broken. The janitor will setup a temporary heater in K.10.

TV  29-Oct-2008: Mapping Fourier Account on Windows Fixed

For a while it hasn't been possible to map your Fourier account under Windows. The CIM UNIX department has solved the problem. To map your fourier account (if you have one) under Windows open the Map Network Drive dialog, choose a drive letter and in the Folder field type \\fourier-let\name where name is the user name of your Fourier account (not your Let-Arts user name).

TV  2-Oct-2008: Linux Installed On Experiment Laptops

Our new experiment laptops (all three) now have Ubuntu Linux next to Windows XP. They are ready for running (FEP) experiments in the field.

TV  20-Jun-2008: New Data Server Available

A new data server is available for researchers. It is not intended for backing up your C: drive but for storing data used for or resulting from your research. Depending on actual usage we may ask you to clean up old data or have it moved to tape/dvd. This storage facility is primarily for data you work with, it is not intended as a permanent archive.

WT  30-May-2008: PCs in Practicum Room Updated

All PCs in K.06 have been checked and brought up to date. Some program installations previously failed on some systems. All should be fine now.

TV  15-Mar-2008: Linux Installed On Experiment Laptop(s)

Experiment laptop 1 now also runs (real-time) Linux. I'm not yet happy with the installation and am using laptop 2 as a test system. Once it is working satisfactory I'll do the others.

TV  17-Mar-2008: Linux USB Stick Problem Fixed

The problem of USB sticks not being accessible from the Linux lab PC's has been fixed. Only a specific type of user had full access, regular users did not. The fix also allows formatting floppies and ejecting CDROMs.

TV  5-Feb-2008: Lab Site Searchable

You now can search this site using the search thingy on the right-hand side.