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0830 registration opens
0910-0915 welcome
Susan Rothstein
(Bar-Ilan University)
Numbers: counting, measuring and classifying
1025-1050 coffee
1050-1135 Antje Rossdeutscher Gianluca Giorgolo & Ash Asudeh Heather Burnett
(IMS, Stuttgart) (Carlton University & University of Oxford) (UCLA)
Hidden quantification in prefix and particle verbs <M,η,★> In defence of a unified treatment of vagueness and imprecision in the adjectival domain
1140-1225 Jenny Doetjes Gemma Barberà Stephanie Solt
(Leiden University) (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) (ZAS, Berlin)
On the (in)compatibility of non neutral adjectives and measure phrases: evidence from Dutch A unified account of specificity in Catalan sign language Comparison to fuzzy standards
1225-1350 lunch
1350-1435 Tania Rojas-Esponda Adrian Brasoveanu, Donka Farkas & Floris Roelofsen Lisa Bylinina
(Stanford) (UCSC & University of Amsterdam) (Utrecht University)
A discourse model for überhaupt Polarity particles and the anatomy of negative quantifiers "Functional standards" and the relative/absolute distinction
1440-1525 Elena Castroviejo & Laia Mayol Stefan Hinterwimmer & David Schueler Yaron McNabb
(CCHS-CSIC & Universitat Pompeu Fabra) (University of Osnabrück & University of Minnesota) (University of Chicago)
Conclusion, consequence and solutionhood: the semantics of three Catalan connectives Requantification and partial focus in indefinites Some degree modifiers are standard fixers and context manipulators in one: an experimental investigation of "very"
1525-1545 coffee
1545-1630 Shiaowei Tham Wataru Uegaki Satoru Suzuki
(Wellesley College) (MIT) (Komazawa University)
Result predication in Mandarin verb compound Content nouns and the semantics of question-embedding predicates Measurment-theoretic foundations of interadjective-comparison logic
Maria Aloni
(University of Amsterdam)
On epistemic indefinites

Lisa Matthewson
(University of British Columbia)
On the (non-)future orientation of modals in English, Gitksan and Blackfoot
1010-1030 coffee
1030-1115 Andreea Nicolae Yurie Hara & Kinuhata Tomohide
(Harvard) (City University of Hong Kong & Fukuoka University)
An alternative based account of positive polarity Discourse update and paratactic association of particles and intonations
1120-1205 Scott Grimm & Beth Levin Salvador Mascarenhas Markus Egg & Malte Zimmermann
(Stanford) (NYU) (Humboldt-Universität Berlin & Universität Potsdam)
Furniture and other functional aggregates: more and less countable than mass nouns Licensing by modification: the case of positive polarity pronouns Stressed out! Accented discourse particles - the case of "doch"
1330-1415 Peter Klecha Patrick Grosz Hazel Pearson
(University of Chicago) (MIT) (Harvard)
Positive and conditional semantics for gradable modals Optatives, minimal sufficiency and the two readings of "only" Predicates of personal taste without judges
1420-1505 Mythili Menon Mira Grubic Roberta Pires De Oliveira
(USC) (Universität Potsdam) (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina)
Two ways of forming comparatives in Malayalam "Kapa" as an end of scale marker in Bole and Ngizim (West Chadic) Subject-object asymmetries and bare nouns in Brazilian Portugese
1505-1530 coffee
1530-1615 Galit W. Sassoon Andreas Haida & Sophie Repp Sarah Ouwayda
(University of Amsterdam) (Humboldt-Universität Berlin) (USC)
The double nature of negative antonymy Imperatives, modals, and quantificational inhomogeneity Cardinals, agreement, and plurality in Lebanese Arabic
1620-1705 Micha Y. Breakstone Timothy Grinsell Jakub Dotlacil
(MIT & HUJI) (University of Chicago) (UCSC)
Inherent evaluativity The imperfective imperative Binominal "each": a new compositional analysis
1715-1745Business meeting
1930-Conference dinner

1000-1045 Helga Gese & Vera Hohaus Charles Beller & Erin Zaroukian Yoad Winter and Joost Zwarts
(University of Tübingen) (Johns Hopkins University) (Utrecht University)
Building gradable adjectival passives Stage-level evaluativity is desiderativity On the event semantics of nominals – the one-argument hypothesis
1050-1135 Yusuke Kubota Sven Lauer Natalia Zevakhina
(University of Tokyo) (Stanford) (Radboud University of Nijmegen)
Scale compatibility and scale composition: An analysis of manner of motion verbs in Japanese On the pragmatics of pragmatic slack
Heterogeneity of scalar inferences
1140-1225 Makoto Kaneko Scott Anderbois, Adrian Brasoveanu & Robert Henderson Isabelle Charnavel
(Okayama University) (UCSC) (UCLA/IJN-ENS Paris)
Japanese pre-nominal demonstratives as property-denoting modifiers adjoined to NP The Pragmatics of Quantifier Scope: A Corpus Study The scalar reading of French son propre ("his own"): evidence for the existence of a scalarity operator
1225-1400 lunch
1400-1445 Rebekah Baglini Bob van Tiel Sophia Malamud & Tamina Stephenson
(University of Chicago) (Radboud University of Nijmegen) (Brandeis & Yale)
The scalar source of stative passives Universal free choice? Three ways to avoid commitments
1450-1535 Sergei Tatevosov Anamaria Falaus Regine Eckardt
(Moscow State University) (University of the Basque Country) (University of Göttingen)
Telicity, measures, and endpoints On alternatives in imperatives Who is talking?
1535-1600 coffee
Chris Barker


Mojmir Docekal (Brno): Czech "dokud" and telicity

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