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Welcome to the homepage for the Miniconference on Metrical Structure

On 15, 16 and 17 April 2014, the Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS hosted a mini-conference on metrical structure, its acquisition, and its use in language processing. The conference aims to give an overview of experimental and theoretical work on knowledge of metrical structure, with emphasis on its acquisition and its role in language processing. The results of a four-year research project (started in 2010) on the use of metrical cues in speech segmentation will be presented, as well as seminal work in the field and recent experimental and theoretical work.

This conference has been made possible by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, NWO (grant 360-89-030).


        Tom Lentz (co-ordinator)
        René Kager
        Brigitta Keij
        Sandrien van Ommen
        Wim Zonneveld



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Keynote speakers:

See full programme and abstracts.


If you have questions, please contact us: t dot o dot lentz at uu dot nl.

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