Call for Papers



SiN IX will take place in the Sweelinckzaal (Drift 21)

09.00-09.30 Coffee/Tea
09.30-10.25 Special talk by Hans van de Koot (University College London): "The Linguistic Representation of Causal Relations"
10.25-11.00 Jing Lin (UVA): "Mandarin shenme as a Negative Polarity Indefinite" [abstract]
11.00-11.15 Coffee/Tea
11.15-11.50 Assaf Toledo (UU): "Absolute vs. relative adjectives" (joint work with Gallit Sassoon) [abstract]
11.50-12.25 Haitao Cai (UVA): "The partial concept approach to belief reports" [abstract]
12.25-13.45 Lunch Break
13.45-14.20 Sammie Tarenskeen (RU): "From you to me (and back)" [abstract]
14.20-14.55 Emiel van Miltenburg (UU): "Obligatory modification and triviality in determinerless PPs" [abstract]
14.55-15.10 Coffee/Tea
15.10-15.45 Lucía Contreras-García (UVA): "The syntax-semantics interface and the domino effect" [abstract]
15.45-16.40 Invited talk by Luisa Martí (Queen Mary London): "Disassociation and movement: two problems for propositional quantification" (joint work with Klaus Abels)
16.40- Drinks!